Online Craft Fair

Find beautiful accessories & gifts for any occasion

Crafty Sisters present a virtual gallery which showcases the best of British made artisan designers.

A multi-vendor shop displaying unique and quality accessories which is always on the look-out to attract new talent and happy customers.

Why buy from Crafty Sisters?

Pleasurable shopping experience showcasing talented makers and designers from all over the UK

Easy to use, welcoming environment that treats everyone with respect

Exclusive collection of high-quality artisans that brings together small individual firms producing top quality products

Find unique gifts for your family and friends

Our designers are proud of their craft and take the time to look after their customers.

For each seller, your purchase – no matter how big or small – means a great deal; therefore, you are far more likely to receive a personal, caring service and get greater value for money.

Positive buying experience, so that you will recommend us to others and come back time and again!

Stand out from the crowd with bespoke gifts

Where possible, we have sourced innovative products that are: Ethically produced, Eco Friendly, recycled or sustainable materials and Organic; Chemical Free, mindful of the environment.

Everything You Need In One Place


Has many forms and artistic merit can be very subjective!  We aim to showcase various techniques which express the artist’s imagination, unique design or technical skill which can be enjoyed simply for its beauty or emotional influence.


Involves making things skilfully by hand and often in a traditional way. Our talented creatives show sensitivity and imagination using a range of materials, such as textiles, wood, paper, glass and metals with the emphasis on being eco-friendly.

Luxury Homeware

Our home is our personal space so surrounded yourself in stylish, comfy, unique artefacts that have been lovingly created with care.  Reflect your own sense of design whether it’s a modern look, vintage glamour or seaside chic you are after.

Dog Collars


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