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We hand pick our sellers to ensure that all items for sale are of the highest quality. Our independent, artisan makers, artists and designers will offer unique gift ideas that are sure to delight.

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A Strong Return Policy as it -

  • Helps to create repeat purchases
  • Builds strong customer relationships 
  • Saves you from incurring a loss, as the refund money must be paid by the owner
  • Minimizes return and refunds
  • Reduces cart abandonment.

Warranty on Products -

  • Shows your dedication and care
  • Boosts customer loyalty
  • Engages potential customers
  • Improves sales performance.

Summary -

  • Make sure your product information is clear
  • Customers should notice the policies
  • Include products reviews, so customers can make data-driven decisions
  • Add labels for shipping.

Manage & Sell Products With Ease

You will have access to your own online shop storefront, where your product listings do not expire and you can manage/update your product offerings at your convenience.

Be A Part of Something Extraordinary

We charge a nominal joining fee, so that as our partners you are committed to Crafty Sisters and in turn, we can enhance your sales platform with ongoing targeted marketing campaigns. Additionally, we will take a commission as it is as important to us that you get sales as it is to you!

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